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Health Starts In The Gut!

I will show YOU how to create delicious AND nutritious foods that actually repair and improve your immune health. You’ll learn how simple anti-inflammatory and low-glycemic foods can turn any meal into a “super” meal and boost your vitality.

Come JOIN ME in my kitchen for a hands-on and tasty experience.


Did You KNOW…. For thousands of years we’ve known that all health starts in the gut. So it makes perfect sense that we should nourish our gut with the healthiest and most nutritious foods. The food we eat is not only feeding the entire body but also the 100 trillion diverse organisms that help govern nearly every function of the human body in some way.


      • Restore balance to the gut flora
      • Eliminate toxins/allergens from the diet
      • Balance sugar metabolism
      • Increase fiber, good fats, reduce carbs
      • Reduce inflammation and symptoms
      • Get rid of cravings for good
      • Eliminate processed and refined foods

and best of all support the billions of micro organisms in your gut crucial to your health.

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